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2016-2017 YWCANOC Leadership Elected
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Pictured Above is our 2016-2017 Board of Directors. From left to right: Theresa Stachelski, Marilyn Salzman, Kris Hanna, Alicia De La Luz, Marcia Evans, Gail Cates, David Hoeltzer, Ellie Westenhaver, Aimee Aul, Lisa Wozab, and Victoria Rosen. Front row: Lorraine Jones, Diane Masseth-Jones and Rosa Wozab. Not shown are: Sean Chaffins, and  Brittany Goettsch.
We are proud to introduce our 2016-2017 Executive Officers
We are equally as proud to introduce our 2016-2017 Board of Directors
Rosa Wozab will take the reigns as President of the YWCA of North Orange County. Rosa is a counselor at Eastside Christian High School with a specialty in youth academic, higher education, and career opportunities. She brings years of experience in administration, management and volunteer services.

Gail Cates  will serve as our First-Vice President/President Elect. Gail is a retired social worker and Past-President of the Assistance League of Fullerton. Gail is a graduate from California State University Long Beach earning her credential in School Counseling. She also attended the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, earning a Master of Education in Counselor Education. Gail brings skills in career counseling, foster care, non-profit management, and fundraising.

Kris Hanna will serve as our Second Vice President in charge of Fundraising and Development. Kris is the Past President of the Women's Club of Fullerton and a small business owner. She is the current President of Camp Bow Wow, a premiere doggy day and overnight camp located in Anaheim. Kris brings skills in administration, marketing, fundraising and communication to the organization.

David Hoeltzer will serve as our Secretary. David owns Celerity Systems, Inc., specializing in information technology and repair. He is an active member in the Rotary Club of Fullerton. David brings computer information technology expertise to the organization.

Ellie Westenhaver will serve as our Treasurer. Ellie is the Past President of the Assistance League of Fullerton and a retired elementary school teacher. She lives in Buena Park. Ellie brings years of non-profit management, administration and fundraising experience to the organization.

Lorraine Jones will serve as the Past President of the YWCANOC. She is a veteran of the Fullerton Police Department and first female promoted to the rank of Captain. Lorraine is a member of the Leadership and ethics Institute. She brings expertise in administration, management, and knowledge of the communities we serve to the organization.
Brittany Goettsch has a Master of Public Health from the University of California Irvine. She is the Program Analyst, Clinical Integration for St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare and brings development, administration, and project management skills to the organization.

Marilyn Salzman has served in a number of positions with Crittenton Services and has just retired from her position as the Director of Development. Marilyn attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and received her certificate in fundraising from the University of California Irvine. Marilyn brings decades of fund development to the organization.

Aimee Aul is the Museum Educator at the Fullerton Museum Center. Aimee brings skills in advocacy, communications, public relations, and public speaking to the organization.

Sean Chaffins is VP-Branch Manager of the Banc of California. He brings years of expertise in financial management and investment strategies to the organization.

Victoria Rosen just retired with 36 years of experience in project management, running and coordinating multiple departments. She is a proud wife, grandmother and great-grandmother living in Placentia. Victoria brings project management skills to the organization.

Alicia De La Luz is the current interim CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Placentia. She is active in the Women's Club of Fullerton and Slick Chicks. She is currently serving on the Placentia Chamber of Commerce as Vice-President of Special Events. She also serves on the board of the Placentia Santa Fe Merchants. Alicia brings so many skills to the organization ranging from public relations, fundraising to marketing.

Liza Wozab is the President of AWC Inc., She is active with the National Charity League of Fullerton and the Fullerton and the Fullerton Republican Women Federated organization. Lisa brings marketing, administration, advocacy and public relations skills to the organization.

Theresa Stachelski is the Senior Loan Officer of Guild Mortgage. Theresa is skilled in the areas of financial services, communication, marketing, and fundraising.

Marsha Evans
is the VP-Branch Manager of the Farmers and Merchants Bank-Tustin Branch. She is active with the National Association of Women Business Owners-Orange County.  Marcia brings expertise in financial management, and networking opportunities to the organization.
Thurmond Family Creates Opportunities
and Awards $8,000 in College Scholarships
Left to right: Diane Masseth-Jones, CEO-YWCANOC, Debbie Thurmond, Dana Woodbridge, Faith La, Don Thurmond, Thu Nguyen, Carole Thurmond Wills, Kelly Hoy and Cheryl Bordeon

Dana Woodbridge is a single mother and sees financial struggles that go with being a single mother as her biggest challenge. Dana attends California State University Fullerton (CSUF) and is majoring in Human Services. She works as a violence prevention peer educator through the Women's and Adult Reentry Center. She helps students learn about consent, the red flags of abusive relationships, and how to safely intervene with something that looks not right. Her goal is to graduate and then enroll in a Master in Social Work program. She hopes to specialize in being an advocate for fighting to reduce sexual assault and domestic violence.

Faith La attends CSUF and is working toward a Bachelor Degree in Human Services, with a specialty in Gerontology. Her biggest challenge is her disability and her ongoing physical pain that she endures. You see, Faith comes from a very poor family with a violent father inflicting over 20 years of domestic violence. Now living with her mother, Faith sees herself lucky to be born as she sees the past as something she cannot change but the future is there for her taking. Faith hopes to work with seniors and is currently doing her internship at the Community Senior Services in Anaheim.

Thu  Anh Nguyen is attending Fullerton College. The sudden death of her father made Thu the breadwinner in her family of four with only a high school education. She worked 70 hours per week to financially support her siblings in continuing their education. They have graduated and now It is Thu's turn to get a higher education. Thu wants to transfer to California State University Fullerton to major in Finance and Accounting. Thu's dream is to establish an educational investment company by 2020.

Kelly Hoy is attending CSUF and is working toward a degree in Human Services. Kelly's biggest challenge was returning to college after leaving a 20 year marriage  wrought with domestic violence. Kelly is a single mother raising a son and also has an adult daughter. Kelly's goal is to maintain her CUM GPA 3.42 while applying for her master's degree in counseling-higher education. Her professional goal is to work as a University College Adviser or a Community College Counselor.

Cheryl Bordelon attends Fullerton College and is working towards transferring to California State University Fullerton. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services. Throughout her life, Cheryl has overcome challenges in growing up in group and foster homes and sees her past struggles as the glue that makes her the adult she is today. Her goal is to work with children and adolescents with behavioral problems and at-risk children under the California Department of Children and Family Services or the Juvenile Justice-Mental Health Division.  Cheryl feels that her personal experience as a juvenile ward of the court has inspired her to reach children with similar experience.
Shirley Bloom Creates the Late Bloomers'
Scholarship Awarding $5,000
Left to right: Diane Masseth-Jones, CEO-YWCANOC, Anakari Corona, Shirley Bloom and Nicole Wessel
Anakari Corona is focusing on Social Work. Anakari's biggest challenge was not having the support of her mother as a result of deportation to Mexico. At 17 years of age, Anakari graduated from high school as was the head of the family. She took a full-time job and the responsibility to raise her little brother, who was 10 years old and her sister who was 12 years old.  She lived in a neighborhood riddled by gangs and drugs and education was her way out to live a higher quality of life. Today Anakari is the first generation of her family, a U.S. Citizen, to earn a college degree and is finishing her last year of graduate school. She will obtain a Master of Social Work in 2017. Anakari maintains a 3.93 GPA and volunteers in many organizations that help the homeless, low-income minority families, Alzheimer and Autism outreach.

Nicole Wessel is enrolled in the Single Subject Credential Program in English. Nicole sees her biggest challenge as time coupled with financial concerns. She will begin Student Teaching with the goal of becoming an English Teacher.
Shirley Bloom Created the Joan & Burnie Cohen
Scholarship Awarding $3,600
Left to right: Marty Cohen, Carolina Bugarin-Vela, Shirley Bloom, Kate Pdezhaev, Francisca Leonor and Susan Cohen Rooks
Carolina Bugarin-Vela is attending Fullerton College. She plans on  transferring to California State University Fullerton to seek a degree in Art. Carolina is married with two children struggling with raising a family and going to school full time. She sees her biggest challenge as overcoming depression. School is difficult but finding balance was the answer. Carolina maintains a 3.40 GPA and with the help of family and friends will move forward to being successful in her academic goals.

Kate Pdezaev
is attending Fullerton College enrolled in the Paralegal Program. She plans on transferring to California State University Fullerton and major in criminal justice or political science. Kate's challenge is being a single mother with four children. All of Kate's extended family lives on the East Coast so there is little support other than what she and her children can do for each other. She has struggled through many challenges as a single mother raising a family on a very low income and at times faced being homeless. Despite these overwhelming obstacles, Kate has remained focused and hardworking, maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Her long term goal is becoming an attorney.

Francisca Leonor is attending Fullerton College interesting in pursuing a degree in English or Nutrition. When she was less than 16 years old, in her country of El Salvador, she started working to support her father, mother and siblings because her parents were very poor. Francisca always kept her dream of returning to school for a better future. Today her dream is a reality as she quite her job to attend school full time. Francisca plans on transferring to Cal Poly Pomona University. She wants to get her degree in English and teach English as a second language.
Please note: A generous anonymous donor made it possible to provide a third Joan and Burnie Scholarship. You know who you are. Please know that you have made a difference in a life. Thank you.