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Quality of Life Awards
Quality of Life Awards

From left to right: Grace Kim, Rose Ruiz, Susanna Torres, Elizabeth Tran, Nancy HonLi, Diane Masseth-Jones

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YWCA North Orange County honored by the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce with the 2014 Quality of Life Award
The YWCA of North Orange County
215 E. Commonwealth Ave., Suite F, Fullerton, CA 92832
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Monopoly Date Scheduled for
June 6, 2015
YWCA North Orange County Honored by Fullerton Chamber of Commerce
Join us, and participate in YWSafe! YWSafe is an empowerment program for girls and women that teaches:
Self-defense tactics
Self-awareness of surroundings
Empowerment to look and be strong
Reading body language to protect yourself
November 7th, November 14th & November 21st

All workshops will be held at:
Downtown Community Center
250 E. Center Street
Anaheim, CA 92805